Selling a car can be stressful. That's why we decided to reinvent the process. We have partnered with hundreds of motor dealers and car buying companies across the country to help address the primary concern when selling to a car buying website- the price.

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The Only Way To Find The True Value of Your Car Is
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How quicksellcar works



Value your car and at the same time compare offers.

Anybody thinking - "how much is my car worth?" or "how can I get a valuation for my car" might be forgiven for thinking that a car valuation website such as whatcar or a car buying website such as we buy any car is your best way route, but most professionals within the trade will tell you this isn't the case.

Trade professionals subscribe to expensive valuation guides each month and will still tell you that these are only ever that - "a guide". Every second hand car is individual and prices will alter depending on so many different factors from colour and condition through to specification and even location, even then though any professional motor dealer will tell you it ultimately comes down to the fact any vehicle is worth "the most that someone will someone pay for it?" .

Valuation websites work using a piece of software that simply cannot take into account all the information that is needed to give an accurate valuation for your car. (If you had a car previously owned by David Beckham you'd expect it to be worth more than your average car wouldn't you, yet a computer wont know this).

Areas that even the most sophisticated valuation sites and car guides do not really take into account are:

  • Is the colour a popular one or a trend that has gone out of fashion?
  • What sort of driving has the car seen? Motorway miles or around town?
  • Accessories such as upgraded alloy wheels or high-end I.C.E
  • Is the model currently in high demand? Some cars have a waiting list.
  • What area of the country will the car be being resold at?
  • Anything special about the previous owner? Ex-demo or a celebrity?
  • What is the true cost for any preparation that might be required?

At all or registered buyers are motor trade professionals that subscribe to our site wanting to purchase cars immediately for stock. We have all different types of dealers from Main franchise dealers through to supercar specialists and everything in between, all of which will have different opinions of what they think a car is worth.

Our buyers are also from all different parts of the country which can affect the price of a car too.
If a particular dealer has had a large amount of clients looking for 4x4 vehicles due to their location they are more likely to offer more money for a Range Rover than a dealer in a different location that tends to sell smaller more economical cars for maybe first time buyers. The key to pricing is down to the individual experience of each buyer through years of selling in their particular location. - They know what they can sell quickly and easily and what they have previously struggled to move on.

This means offers you receive could be considerably more or considerably less than a guide price found online or in a car magazine.

The Ultimate Method to Find the True Value of Your Car is to Compare the Market

A car valuation on a website or in a magazine is pretty much worthless unless you can find someone to actually pay the valuation you are given. Unlike most car buying websites quicksellcar offers your vehicle to hundreds of different motor dealers using one quick and simple online form.

By broadcasting your vehicle via our site to so many different buyers you are putting yourself in the best possible position to find the strongest buyer for your car with some of our previous users having gained hundreds and in some cases even thousands of pounds more.

 To list your vehicle to our network simply enter your vehicle registration number in the box on the right. Within a few minutes you could be receiving no obligation cash offers to actually buy your car and collect it from your home.

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