Selling a car can be stressful. That's why we decided to reinvent the process. We have partnered with hundreds of motor dealers and car buying companies across the country to help address the primary concern when selling to a car buying website- the price.

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Quicksellcar Reviews

Thousands of people use each month to help them find the best possible cash buyer for their car without the hassle and expense of selling privately.
You could gain £££'s more for your car by obtaining offers from dealers and car buying companies you will otherwise probably never find online quickly and easily.

Lots of enquiries within the first few hours of listing. Much quicker than advertising on ebay etc. Offers were varied but some of the dealers had very good feedback which made my decision a little easier. Morgan Motors collected the car and were great.

Audi TT - Sebastian Warner

Most dealers were around the same price as wbac had offered but obviously collected and no admin fee to pay. The dealer arranged transfer into my account whilst the driver waited and there was no changing the offer price.

BMW - Danielle Knowles

Very quick sale and the dealer who bought our car was extremely nice to deal with.

William Cress - Volkswagen Scirocco

Had been messed about buy another site who had agreed to buy my car then wanted to knock the price down by £450 when the came to collect it. The car was exactly as I had described not only on the website but on the phone so was certainly not going to accept such a reduction. I listed the car on Sunday afternoon and by Monday had a handful of offers and numerous enquiries for more information. We agreed a price with oakcarcentre who matched the original offer we had been given. The collected within a few days and true to their word did not try to knock us down on price. Excellent system especially to have as a backup.

Michael Scott - Mini

Its a sad day but I have finally said goodbye to my lovely Beetle (Betty). An aquired taste for some people but she has been my pride and joy for the last 3 years. The dealer who purchased had a buyer who thought Betty would fit perfectly for what they were looking for so its nice that she has gone to a nice home as well as finally receiving a sensible price.

Lisa Pringle - Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet

Very efficient and knowledgeable buyer. Offered a fair price which was the strongest of a number of final offers.

Rob Harris - Ferrari F355

Sold our car to Darren from Redline made everything very easy. He was always in touch with how things were going regarding collection, a very courteous person. The garage paid us the full amount offered for the car and payment was made straight into our account whilst the driver was finishing off the papaerwork. Many thanks.

Sid Khoury - Audi Cabriolet

Quite a painless experience. A very good system used, some interesting comparisons with regard to prices but no pressure and the best price I could find anywhere online.

Stephen Hughes - BMW Z4

A+ Excellent, different offers, some much better than others. Sold to Tony from **ga* *****s who was a really nice person to deal with. He arranged to collect our car from the dealership we were collecting our new car from on the same day which made things extremely easy for us. Many thanks.

Claire Walton - Renault Scenic DCi

Superb value for money. Started to receive enquiries within few hours of listing and accepted an offer couple of days later. Unfortunately for me I actually received an even better offer later which I didnt notice in my email account but had already agreed to sell and arranged collection, so be warned as some enquiries come directly and not through the website. Cars***** in cambridgeshire collected and paid money into account whilst the driver sorted out the paperwork. A really nice gentleman who was kind enough to pop back with my wifes CD she had left in the car.

Simon Mason - Nissan Juke

Very pleasant dealer in Peterborough purchased, arranged to collect and transferred funds directly into my account. From orginally listing through to final payment 4 days. Efficient, quick and no hassle.

John Gifford - Porsche Caymen

Very clever idea. Have just sold my beloved Porsche Boxster to Motor Market who I found via the site. A number of offers for my car but they had a client lined up and were willing to pay quite a bit more than anyone else. All offers were more than I had found elsewhere on the net though so well worth a go.

Ian Tennant - Porsche Boxster

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