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Advice Guides - Telling DVLA you have sold your car


How do I tell DVLA I have sold my car?

Telling the DVLA you have sold your car

Whenever you sell your car or part exchange it, its important and a legal requirement that your let the DVLA know you no longer own the vehicle and that it has changed ownership.

This not only makes sure that the legal owner of the vehicle is registered with the DVLA database but also protects you against things like parking tickets, speeding fines and fees for failing to tax or sorn the vehicle.

In order to complete the documentation correctly and let DVLA know you no longer have the vehicle and at the same time give them the details of the new owner, you will need the V5 or vehicle logbook as it is commonly known. This document has all the vehicle information such as Make, Model, Colour, Chassis number, Number of previous owners and is what any potential buyers or motor dealers will want to see when selling your car.

Completing a change of ownership requires a date and signature from both the seller and the buyer so it cannot be completed online. If you have mislaid your V5, you will need to order a replacement - which can be done online using the following link - Application for a V5

How To to complete the V5c form if you are selling to a private individual -

  1. You will need to complete section 6 of the V5C

  2. Then sign and date section 8 where indicated

  3. The buyer should then also sign and date where indicated in section 8.

  4. The new owner should then keep the V5C/2 section.

  5. The remainder of the V5C should be sent to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1BA.

How to complete the V5c form if you are selling to a dealer -

  1. You will need to tear off the V5C/3 (yellow section) of the V5c V5c/3

  2. Complete the details of the motor dealer where indicated

  3. Sign and date the declaration section and ask the dealer to do the same

  4. Post it to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1BD.

  5. Give the remainder of the V5c to the motor dealer.

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