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With so many different car buying companies on the net right now and more and more people using this method of car selling to move their vehicle’s on it’s important you put yourself in the best possible position to get the strongest price.

Niki Gear takes us through some simple little hints and tips you should consider before offering your car for valuation.


Tyre's are one of the first things private buyers look at when buying a second hand car, so it’s obvious that any car valuation company is going to take your tyre condition into account with their valuation. Not only this but for your safety and for other road users it’s important your tyre's are regularly checked.

If you drive your car on damaged or over worn tyre's you are at risk of invalidating your car insurance and picking up penalty points.

Things like tread depth, condition of the tyre wall are all important factors to take into account when checking your tyre's. Here’s a useful guide to checking your tyre's -

Your Wheels

Alloy wheels can easily be scuffed, especially those with low profile tyre's.

Here you can see an example of scuffing to the edge of an alloy –

Scuffed Alloy Wheel

This type of damage can be easily repaired and there are a number of alloy refurb companies who operate a mobile service across the UK

Here are a couple of the recommended companies –‎‎

The average price for a repair is around £40 per wheel but the amount a car buying company will reduce your car valuation by is going to be much more, so it’s worth getting any damaged wheels put right prior to valuation.


Body Repairs

The condition of your vehicles bodywork is going to be one of the first things that buyers will look at when appraising your car, and things like scratches, stone chips and dents are going to bring the value of your car down very quickly.

I would suggest a quick walk around your car and try to put yourself in the buyer’s position. If there is something that stands out as a problem it will be worth investigating how much a repair is going to cost.

Body work repairs don’t have to be as costly as you think either. Similar to alloy wheel repairers there are a number of reputable mobile smart repairers that can repair small cosmetic damages without the need to visit a body shop

Here are a couple of good examples –

www.automotive repairs


Car Interior

Vehicle interiors can take a lot of stick, especially if you have small children or pets traveling on-board. Take a good look at the condition of the seats and things like carpet mats. A good professional valet that includes a wet vac of the seats can make a massive difference and replacing worn out carpet mats will make your car much more appealing.


Car Mechanical Check

All car buying companies are going to check your vehicle is running well with no warning lights showing and you can be sure they will be quick to start reducing their offers if they find anything untoward.

Keep one step ahead by having a vehicle check carried out by a local garage. They will quickly be able to give you an estimate to fix any obvious issues, allowing you to weigh up whether to have the work done before selling or suffer a lower price.

Car Selling Hints and Tips Summary –

When selling your car using a car buying website you have to be as honest as possible. If there is scratch to a door – mention it, if there is a tyre's that’s low – declare it.

Any valuation is going to be subject to final physical appraisal so it’s important you give the buyer nothing to use as a reason to alter their original valuation.

You will normally always find that any work that needs completing is going to be cheaper for you to get completed prior to selling than it is for the dealer to adjust in price, so if you have the time and available funds I would recommend getting your car in top condition prior to listing.

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