Selling a car can be stressful. That's why we decided to reinvent the process. We have partnered with hundreds of motor dealers and car buying companies across the country to help address the primary concern when selling to a car buying website- the price.

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How Much Is My Car Worth?

Find out how much your car is worth
By Comparing Offers from dealers nationwide

How quicksellcar works


If you want to find out how much your car is worth its vital you compare offers from as many car buying sites as possible.

You wouldn't purchase a car without comparing prices from different sellers and the same applies when you come to sell your car, certainly if you want to find out really how much it is worth.

Most car buying websites utilise software to make automatic offers for cars without actually even speaking to the seller and finding out the nitty gritty about why you are looking to sell and little details about your car that could make a huge difference to what someone might think it is worth. is different in that we help you compare offers to buy your car from lots of different car buying companies and motor dealers in the UK.

By comparing prices for your car from different dealers it will give you a better overall idea of what your car is worth, a you would be amazed at some of the difference in prices from one dealer to another, even location can make a huge difference to how much it's worth.

Some of the things dealers will take into account when working out how much your car is worth are:

  • Does it have a full main dealer service history?
  • How many months MOT does it have left? And any advisories?
  • Do you have two keys for the car?
  • Is it an import?
  • Has the car ever been used as a driving school or private hire vehicle?
  • What colour is it? Metallic blue or bright pink?

So if you are thinking "how can I value my car online" and want to make sure you are getting offered the optimal selling price, enter your vehicle registration into the yellow box at the top of this page and wait for your no obligation cash offers from interested buyers online.

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