Selling a car can be stressful. That's why we decided to reinvent the process. We have partnered with hundreds of motor dealers and car buying companies across the country to help address the primary concern when selling to a car buying website- the price.

Hundreds of buyers you wont find elsewhere online using one quick form - No automated offers


How it works

How the site helps sellers get the best price for their car

How quicksellcar works


We all want the best deal possible when it comes to selling our car, and tries to ensure that you get the price you deserve.

Quicksellcar will search for that UK based dealer or 'cash for car' website that will offer you the highest price possible for your vehicle. All you need to do is visit our site and fill out the quick 'sell my car' online form; within minutes our site will offer your vehicle details to a plethora of professional potential car buyers who are based both locally and country-wide.

Interested buyers will then enquire for further information or make you an immediate cash offer to purchase your vehicle and collect the car from you. Each dealer has already pre-selected the type of vehicle's they are interested in buying and they are only offered your car if it meets their criteria. Alternatively, the buyer can log in to the website and simply browse at what's on offer at any time.

Quicksellcar ask for an e-mail address and/ or telephone number for you, and requests that you provide plenty of information about the car including a colour photograph if possible. There is a lot of free text space for you to describe your car including; what makes it unique; giving details about how you wish to be contacted; or any other valuable information that you think will help to attract buyers.

Dealers that are interested in your car will generally respond quickly, with many making immediate cash offers. Some will make an offer once they have any further questions answered. Please remember that you are under no obligation to accept an offer, however, typically, you will find that you will be offered the optimal market price for your vehicle, with little delay. With quicksellcar, you will not be exposed to all the hassle that private selling entails, or the possibility of getting 'ripped off' by a car buying website offering you a ridiculously low figure.

Why the system works so well

It is widely known that 'cash for car' websites purchase vehicles from the public at a low price in order to sell on to an actual dealer for quick profit. Quicksellcar offers your vehicle to many potential dealers directly, without the 'middleman' that is these websites intervening.

These dealers compete with multiple cash offers from other wannabe buyers which negates the need for any third party involvement. Competitive offers and no middleman, means more money for you!

Dealers often have very specific needs when it comes to the vehicles they wish to purchase; namely, make and model, colour, and age range. Every dealer also has their own local market to cater for. A car considered 'old' in one area may be considered new and expensive in another; for one dealer, this car may be exactly what they are looking for!

Quicksellcar gives you the best possible chance at receiving the highest cash offer for your car by offering the vehicle to numerous dealers, and 'cash for car' companies, instantly. If you are selling a car and want to receive top price for it, you will generally not hand it over to the first person that make an offer. You may get hundreds, maybe thousands, of pounds more by having the buyers compete for your car!

We charge very little to advertise on our network because our dealers are consistently wanting fresh stock; we aim to keep up with supply and demand! We try to 'weed out' those sellers that are just after free valuations on their car, and we do this by implementing a £10 charge to open your mailbox.

Ultimately, we hope to match only serious sellers with serious buyers. Valuations are really only individual opinions on a car's value and are worthless until someone pays up. At quicksellcar, we obtain sellers cash offers from dealers who are ready to make full payment with cleared funds, and collect the car from the seller immediately. Remember that our sellers have gained hundreds, and in some cases thousands, of pounds more for their cars than they would have done through other selling methods.

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