Selling a car can be stressful. That's why we decided to reinvent the process. We have partnered with hundreds of motor dealers and car buying companies across the country to help address the primary concern when selling to a car buying website- the price.

Hundreds of buyers you wont find elsewhere online using one quick form - No automated offers

Frequently Asked Quetions

Our buyers will expect you to want cleared funds. When a dealer makes you an offer they have to select either bankers transfer or cash (usually for smaller budget vehicles). If you accept an offer, the system then generates a professional invoice which includes this information along with contact details of both parties. The buyer will then arrange payment as proposed and collect the car once you are happy.
No, our dealers are all expected to come to you. There are a lot of horror stories in the press about people wasting their time travelling to drop their car off only to be told the price has changed. This said in some rare cases a dealer might offer an incentive for you to deliver if they have a client for your car and are struggling to find a delivery driver for example.
Your details are only ever viewable to registered dealers (not the public). Dealers will generally make contact via our messaging and offer proposal system. Once an enquiry is made you will be notified by our system that you have a new offer or enquiry and can simply login to view. Some dealers may decide to contact you directly as they do deal with hundreds of vehicles each day, if this is the case we always recommend if deciding to accept an offer that you ask them to confirm this via the offer proposal system so you have a record of what has been offered and agreed. This also means the system can generate a professional invoice from yourself to the buyer.
No, nothing. There are no expensive administration fees to pay (Some greedy companies charge £75 minimum) regardless of how much extra we might manage to achieve you for your car, and the buyer wont be paying us a fee either so you really are in this case getting the full value.
We charge £10 to weed out those people simply looking for an automated price. All our dealers are professional buyers who will take the time to view your vehicle details on a individual basis ask for any further information they may require and make you a real offer. Its not fair to waste their time with pointless valuations. Computer valuations will never take into account all the information about your car and in many cases are never honoured with companies making excuses to alter the computers original price. In fact many car buying websites will be using a system like ours or a car auction to actually find a dealer to sell your car on to for a profit. (And trust us its going to be more than £10) - Our small listing fee gives you the potential to go directly to the dealers and keep that profit margin in your pocket not theirs.
Yes, we have buyers of all types of vehicles registered as buyers on the system
These are included in the email notifications that are sent to dealers who have registered with an interest to buy your type of car. We match the dealers based on distance too, as some dealers will buy nationwide where others prefer to purchase within a certain distance. Your email address is vital as without this we wont be able to contact you with your offers and enquiries.
This is no problem at all, we do ask this question when listing your vehicle. Retention can take some time and if this goes into another month or close to the end of a month can affect the valuation so please make sure you discuss this with potential buyers.
Of course, we do have a lower number of buyers for this type of vehicle but there are dealers registered who will buy non runners
Information about your vehicle is populated directly from the DVLA database via your registration number. If the system is showing an incorrect make or model or is returning no results at all, simply click on "Not My Vehicle" which will allow you to enter the details manually.


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