How Can I sell my car and find

out who will pay me the most for it?

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The Buy My Car Site that Advertises Your Vehicle Directly to Hundreds of Different Motor Dealers And Car Buying Companies. Compare Different Offers to Buy Your Car So You Can Find Who Will Pay The Most.

ONLY FOR SERIOUS SELLERS - No Misleading Automated Valuations - You Could Gain £££'s

Selling a car can be stressful. That's why we decided to reinvent the process. We have partnered with hundreds of motor dealers and car buying companies across the country to help address the primary concern when selling to a car buying website- the price.

How do we manage this?

It's simple. Instead of the usual car buying websites that give you an automated offer, we broadcast your vehicle far and wide to lots of different companies. This gives you the confidence to be able to compare prices and make sure that what you have already been offered or what one of our dealers is offering you is honest and fair.

Many car sellers can get burned when selling through a car buying website and end up with automated "Car Values" not being honoured as well as surprise admin fees and collection charges.

Quicksellcar does not make any Automated Valuations. Our Approved Dealers will be making their individual offers professionally and ask for any further information that can affect your cars value. They are all aware they will be competing to try and purchase your car not only against sites you might have previously visited for an automated offer, but also against other Approved dealers on the site. This puts you in the driving seat and greatly increases your chances of receiving the best price online.

We eliminate all the hidden surprises too. We charge a fee of just £10 to view all of the offers and enquiries for your vehicle and that's it. This charge is to stop dealers wasting time with those not serious about selling. There are other charges at all. No admin fees, No commission payments and No sales fees. We operate a feedback system too with a three strikes and your out rule to combat anybody trying to change their original offer. It's a radically new way to sell a car quickly for a good price without the hassle of selling privately.

Traditional Car Buying Websites / Companies

  • they usually make automated offers which don't take enough into account to be accurate
  • they are usually buying cars to sell on to a dealer or put through auction for a quick profit, meaning you aren't really getting the best price you could
  • you will usually have to travel to their premises, our buyers will come to you and collect free of charge saving you more time and money
  • they have had a lot of bad press coverage recently for not honouring the original automated offer
  • you will have to visit lots of different sites to find the best "automated offer"
  • many have additional admin fees, take a commission or charge their buyer a commission meaning yet again you aren't really getting the best price you could

Selling Privately

  • can be very expensive when advertising, especially if you have to do so multiple times to eventually find someone interested
  • time consuming, finding a private buyer could take months in some cases even years with specialist cars, and most vehicles depreciate hundreds of pounds each month
  • you have the hassle of people coming to your home to view, are they insured to drive? are very serious buyers or just like looking at cars?
  • scams.. you have to be alert to so many potential scams when it comes to dealing with private sellers with quicksellcar all our buyers are registered.


Better For You Because:
Cut out the middleman and go direct to dealers who are looking to retail your car on, not auction for a quick profit
Quickly compare offers from lots of different car buying sites and motor dealers
Why accept a low offer from a single car buying website? Or have the hassle of selling privately?
compare offers from: main franchise dealers, independent used car dealers, car buying websites, sports and luxury vehicle specialist and car supermarkets
Outstanding finance can be dealt with
Free collection from your home
You might get a better deal with no p/x
You only have to add your car ONCE. Then sit back and wait for different offers to find the best price
Your vehicle live and searchable to buyers on our site for six weeks, with a one off activation fee of just £10 to respond to all offers/enquiries. No admin fees, No final sale fees and No commissions
The same system the motor-trade have used to find the best trade buyer for their unwanted p/x cars or over-age vehicles since 1999
" Lots of enquiries within the first few hours of listing. Much quicker than advertising on ebay etc. Offers were varied but some of the deale... "
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" Very quick sale and the dealer who bought our car was extremely nice to deal with. "
William Cress
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Lisa Pringle
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" Very efficient and knowledgeable buyer. Offered a fair price which was the strongest of a number of final offers. "
Rob Harris
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" Sold our car to Darren from Redline made everything very easy. He was always in touch with how things were going regarding collection, a ver... "
Sid Khoury
Audi CabrioletMore...
" Quite a painless experience. A very good system used, some interesting comparisons with regard to prices but no pressure and the best price I could find anywhere online. "
Stephen Hughes
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" A+ Excellent, different offers, some much better than others. Sold to Tony from **ga* *****s who was a really nice person to deal with. He a... "
Claire Walton
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